News & Updates


02.October 06

New Performance and Sound Clips


The Dream Engine performed 2 songs in Atlanta during the REM tour, namely "Still the Children" and "What Part of my Body hurts the most".

Additionally the official website has been updated with two sound clips and their myspace page with sound clips and two full demos.


12. June 06

Recording Update

    The Dream Engine still is in studio and has recorded 18 Steinman songs so far. Among the songs are "In the Land of the Pigs the Butcher is King" and "Cry to Heaven", two new Steinman songs. Additionally a new version of "God has left the Building" can be heard on the official page.    

11. April 06


    The official page has updated its gallery.    

28. March 06



This coming week, The Dream Engine returns to the recording studio to continue work on the groups debut album. TDE vocalists, musicians and guest members will present 'future Steinman classics'. More live shows are being planned as well.

Margoshes is also busy creating orchestrations for the future shows.


25.March 06

TDE Show - Joe's Pub

    Added first review and set list of the performance from 24th. Additionally updated members list.    

18. Feb. 06

Reviews added

    Added reviews to the past performances section for the recent Joe's Pub concerts.    


01.Feb. 06

Dream Engine Site gone live

    The new Dream Engine Site has gone live, with info on the group members and rough plans for the future.    

January 06

Starting the tour


Went online with the site.

Dates for live performances at Joe's Pub have been announced.


The Dream Engine