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The Rockman Record
· Rockman Philharmonic message board - the forum for Steinmaniacs
Jim Steinman Webring
· list of sites in the webring
Steinman fan locations
· world map showing where Steinfans are located (not too many participants so far)
Jim Steinman Yearbook 2000
· The Jim Steinman "Yearbook 2000" Birthday Project
Charlotte's Steinman site
· misheard lyrics (ROTFL!!)
· "Tanz der Vampire" synopsis and complete Vienna libretto translated into English
· info on Steinman sheet music (with ISBN)
Dreams Of A Scene Engine
· by Angie Winterbottom
"The Jim is Upon Us" comic
· the renowned talking tie comic
Karla DeVito
· Håkan Kjellin's Karla DeVito site
The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade.
· the full novel by Herman Melville online
DE 2 - for the good of the search for some heaven on earth
· The Dream Engine 2 - The Jim Steinman Search Engine
· the Jimagotchi in the GAMES section (see what Andrew Lloyd Webber and Bonnie Tyler do to Jim)
· Steinamp (Winamp skin) for download, to be reached via the NEWS section
· song, creative team and cast lists for Con-Man, Neverland, WDTW(1998)
· The Confidence Man Assistant Stage Manager talks about Con-man rehearsals with Jim
· some rare songs for download
BFG sheet music
· BFG sheet music, The Storm MIDI, Pandora's House Room By Room-mp3 for download
The Phenomenology of Excess
· for download as 52 JPGs
Elaine Caswell
· two Pandora's Box videos (real video, streaming)
Karine Hannah demos
· Braver Than We Are, Is Nothing Sacred, Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, Safe Sex for download
Nothing But A Merciless Night
· the complete 2 NBAMN CDs + 3 extra songs + the front and back covers for download
no one's site
· rarities rotated in irregularly
Carpe Jugulum
· lots of info on each incarnation of TANZ/DOTV and everything Jim-related (rare downloads, lyrics, articles, photos etc.)
· official DOTV site with demo downloads, not updated anymore
Dream Pollution
· aka
Naked Wire - Jim Steinman News Service
· SteinNews
Neverland Hotel
· everything you need to know about Jim Steinman (bio, extensive lists of all (!) songs, projects, musicals etc. with even the slightest Jim-relation)
Pray Lewd currently down
Realm Of Dreams
· huge collection of songs, incl. the complete musicals and rare songs
Jim Steinman Temple
· nowadays reduced to one news page
Die Büchse der Pandora
· Roberto's Steinman page (despite the title in English)
Logan's Jim Steinman page
· info on DE, MTYD, Neverland, Con-man; lyrics, reviews, discography
The (Almost) Complete Meat Loaf And Jim Steinman Lyrics Archive
· tons of lyrics + info on who sang/played what
A German Steinman site
· in German
The Evocation of Jim Steinman
· Steinmob catches Jim in London (2001) - thrilling report, including photos
· Dagna and Terry Pratchett talking about Jim (2001)
· WDTW (London) and TdV (Stuttgart) reviews
· German TANZ Libretto with English translations (for download as *.doc file)
· short story: "Surf's Up"
Tanzing in Stuttgart
· Steinmob let free - travelogue about trip from Sweden to Stuttgart to see TANZ (2000) and all the things that happened. fun to read and lots of photos
Justin's pics
Jonny's pics
Allan's pics
Markus' pics
John's pics
Peter's pics
Will's pics
Andy's pics
Michelle's pics
Emily's pics
Steingathering in NY, Dec 2002 - the photos
Whistling In London (archived)
· three Steinmaniacs meeting Jim at WDTW in London (1998)
Rogue's Writings
· two Jimspired fanfics by Rogue: "Left in the Dark: Counterpoint" and its sequel "Left in the Dark: Alone in the Light"